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Abandoned & Trespass Vehicles

Under Connecticut State Law, vehicles may be towed or removed from private property upon request of the owners or lessee (renter) of the property per Connecticut State Law Title 14 Sec. 14-145. This is called a non-consensual tow of a motor vehicle left without authorization on private property. Excluded vehicles are law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, ambulance or emergency vehicles. This means an owner or lessee of private property, or his or her agent, may remove or cause to be removed,  any motor vehicle left without authorization on such property.

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​  We Offer

  • Parking Management
  • Removal of Abandoned, Unauthorized, or illegally parked vehicles
  • Handicap Parking Enforcement
  • Removal of Trespass Vehicles 
  • Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

Why Utilize Parking Enforcement?

  1. Protect your tenants  Enforcing parking regulations protects the relationship between your company and your tenants. Each tenant has the reasonable expectation to come home and occupy their space, which they pay for.
  2. Protect the Environment Vehicles leaking fluids not only damage the infrastructure of your premises by causing premature deterioration of the asphalt, but also can result in huge Environmental Clean-up Costs. Immediate removal of disabled vehicles and those leaking fluids minimizes your liability while protecting the environment.
  3. Enforcement Breeds Compliance Parking enforcement implies you take your property and your rules seriously. Tenants are more likely to follow your rules and pay their monthly fees on time when they know you enforce the rules.
  4. Disabled & Abandoned Vehicles the Criminal ElementDisabled vehicles become a haven for petty thieves. Vehicle break-ins are a gateway to more serious crimes. Abandoned vehicles are more likely to be subjects of a theft or other loss. Routine patrols may substantially reduce criminal activity on your premise.