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    Under Connecticut Law You Can Choose Your Tow Company 

We are the Good Guys on Main Street and We Got Your Back!!

 Benefits of Using Us

  1.  Often times our towing rates are nearly 20% less than State Maximum Rates.
  2. Your vehicle can be brought to our Secured Facility.
  3. You will have access to your vehicle and it's belongings.
  4. You remain in control of your vehicle at all times.
  5. Ward off Predatory Towers.
  6. ​We will direct bill your insurance company and fight to get the bill paid.

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  Prompt and Responsive Towing and Fair Rates

    We are Here to Serve You

​  If you've been involved in a    collision or are subject of a Police Tow,  most Towns and  Connecticut allow "Owner    Request" for your recovery  & towing needs. This means you can call the good guys in the towing business.  


 If you dont claim your car, the Towing Company  has a right to get a Aba (Abandoned Automobile  Title) to your vehicle and sell it at a Public Auction.