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 We  specialized in Parking lot Enforcement of your Private and Commercial Property 

 We Offer:

  1. Free Signage 
  2. 24 Hour Rotational Monitoring
  3. Prompt Removal
  4. Compliance With All State & Local Laws
  5. Reports Upon Request
  6. ​Contract Towing

Reliable Private Property Towing.

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                   Parking Lot Enforcement

We're the Good Guys on Main Street and We Got Your Back!

We Are The Simple, Affordable Way To Get Your Parking Lot Organized

 Why Choose Enforcement?

  1. Abandoned Vehicles Are Dangerous & Unsightly
  2. Tenants & Customers Deserve To Park In Spaces Allocated For Them
  3. Crime Deterrence
  4. Reduce Potential Insurance Liability
  5. Make Your Property More User Friendly

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  1. Prevent Vehicles From Being Unlawfully Sold On Your Premises
  2. Protect Valuable Handicap Spaces
  3. Protect Valuable Parking Spaces Closest To The Building